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Birth Doula with Couple


A Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic with a Difference! 

Birth Doula with Couple
  • A specialist postnatal examination for woman following both vaginal and caesarean deliveries


For all woman that has had a baby, either vaginal or caesarean delivery, we offer a comprehensive postnatal examination that will help to identify any issues and provide you with a tailored rehabilitation plan. 


Initial assessment is recommended 6-8 weeks following delivery, but we can still assess and treat woman years after giving birth. 


Lots of woman experience weakness in abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles following pregnancy. Many will have a tummy gap that can lead to instability and poor core strength which can in turn lead to back pain, pelvic pain or bladder, bowel or sexual dysfunction. 


All this can be effectively treated following initial assessment. 


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